Blog post – here in Melbourne -musings on being in a new place.

The tumblr gremlins wouldn’t let me post this the first time around so I am gonna try again. I am originally from Adelaide as many of you know and I moved here almost a year ago. Three things transpired to get me here and a great deal more is transpiring to make me stay.
Thing number 1- was ironically the Adelaide fringe. I met some amazing people from Melbourne who have become good friends and made the journey a tiny bit easier and a lot more fun.
Thing number two – I wrote a show. Some you have seen it some of you havent. I decided Melbourne would be the place I wanted to put it on. Some very gracious folk helped make that possible.
Thing number three was I got a good job. I don’t have that job anymore but it was immensely rewarding and I do miss it at times.

What makes me stay is far more existential. I made the decision to primarily write because I have been afforded so much opportunity. Pretty much every writing dream (except for novel publication, but I’m working on it) I’ve got I’ve been able to achieve since ive moved here.. This city makes me dream bigger than I ever thought possible.

I think what also helps is that I have a sense of identity and purpose that I’ve never had before. I hit very rough times last year but what got me through them was not only love but knowing what was possible and who the fuck I wanted to be. I have never known that before. I went into a field of work because I thought it was expected of me. I never really knew that what I wanted to do was possible.. Moving away has meant moving away from the weight of frankly unrealistic expectations and replacing them with clarity and vision..



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