new work and a show on!

Operation Adelaide fringe festival starts today with the pressing of demo CDs and a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide. I was listening to some of the tracks and even though they are roughly cut live put together at the last minute I am very proud of them as they represent my writing and performance and what it means.. The digitally mastered version will probably be available mid year.

I am extremely excited to be collaborating with Adelaide guitarist Brett emery ( I’m coaxing him onto twitter he’s tweet-shy) on tracks for a benefit cd to raise money for stop the intervention collective south aus. It is extremely important to me to use art to highlight and work towards ending injustices. The northern territory intervention seemed like an obvious place to start as for almost four years communities up north have been subject to extremely unjust policies
(to learn more go to It is also an honor to work with brett who is a kaurna man and community leader as well as a brilliant musician.

Dates for the show – the poetry hour
24-25 feb 8pm
26 feb 9pm
3rd of march -8 pm
Bliss organic cafe – Compton street,city ( just behind central markets)
$10 only.- check guide for details

Work-life-art-fusion finally happening.


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