writers that inspire me part 2 – tara hardy

first look at this. Then I’ll tell you, if you’re not convinced already, why her poetry has come to mean so much to me.


oh and this one.


I first met tara at Split this Rock! an American poetry and activism festival designed to rebuild american society through arts – particularly spoken word and where spoken word activists can come together, perform and do so. Tara was a feature there and then went on to be a finalist in the Words of Women Poetry slam and win the 2008 Seattle Slam. To say I was captivated was an understatement. Her honesty, bravery and sheer fearlessness in both the way her poems are written and in  front of a microphone blew me away.

but what struck me the most about Tara is how similar our backgrounds are. We’re both queer, survivors, and now activists. Tara has been a member of the battered women’s movement for almost fifteen years and was the founder of Bent which is the leading LGBTIQ literary organization in the States. She stated on a podcast, which I will try and hunt down and post at some point in th future, that she as 28 when she started writing, which is close to the age i am now, and that she was extremely depressed when she began writing but that she wrote her way through that depression and never stopped. This is the exact same thing i strive so hard to do. She has managed to find that place in my heart and rip it out in only the same way people like Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer have done previously. To write so openly about things that people would rather not hear about is the reason we need to be writing.  When I first met Tara I told her there were a great deal of places in my poetry I felt i had not yet tackled. She said to me, just go there. don’t be afraid of what comes next, just go there and whatever it is will come out.  It has, and continues to.



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