blog post – greetings from alexander the elephant

hello there.
for those of you that don’t know me i am sure you have seen the photos. My mother constantly refers to me as one of the most photographed elephants around.
Currently she is asleep as she is not feeling well and has left the daily blogging up to me. I hope she has not got the flu because i’ve heard elephantitis is a nasty disease!
She did leave me some instructions. She said to let you know she is getting better every day and will be back to her very best soon. She also said, say something cute, and make sure you spell check before you post, because elephants aren’t very good at typing! hmmpf! well if you had no fingers and had to type with your trunk you wouldn’t be either! you wouldn’t be either! But really, I am pretty good at my job. Since Mum adopted me when i was just a baby elephant, we’ve had some grand adventures together. We went to America twice. It’s a scary place, full of people who aren’t very nice to elephants, we met a few rockstars, and every day we try and write poems together I tend to leave that up to Mum because people keep telling her she is very good at it. I try, but she just won’t hear it from me. She says elephants don’t know anything about poetry. But I am no ordinary elephant. And unlike Mum, i don’t forget my lines. (don’t worry, Mum it’s a joke, elephants never forget, you know?) My best friend is Isabella, a little bunny I adopted. She was dirty on the street at easter time and I thought it was a nice thing to do to take her home so she could live with me and Mum. Although she doesn’t get taken as many places as I do, due to Mum not being able to carry us both, we’ve both had some great times together.

but the most important job i have is at night time. Mum has a really terrible illness that makes her sad at night time. my job is to lie right next to her and keep her warm, comfortable and make sure none of that sadness bothers her. At the moment i’m not doing a very good job, as she cries often, but she keeps telling me I am a wonderful, faithful, loyal elephant who she wouldn’t trade for anything. I blush. my life is not made very hard at all with such a wonderful mum.

Tomorrow, i am so excited. a group of us are going to the zoo! Mum tells me i get to meet some of my aunts, uncles and cousins. I am very nervous. I have never met any of my elephant family before. I don’t know if they’ll like me. Mum re-assures me I am a very loveable elephant and they will adore me.

well… I better go. I can see Mum’s waking up and she’ll probably want to use the computer soon. All this blogging has worn me out anyhow, so maybe it’s my time for a nap. It was nice meeting you all.

Love from Alexander the elephant.


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