blog post – the “awesome list”

i encourage everything to write down their “awesome list” publish it in a blog write it on your wall, write it and pin it UP on your wall if your landlord doesn’t like grafitti but just look at it. whenever you feel unhappy. it’s helping me no end.  here is some of my “awesome list”







new journals  (or stationary of any kind)



autumn leaves

really really good vegetarian food – especially when i’ve cooked it myself.

conquering new recipes

finding new friends

moving to new places

unpacking boxes (Tedious but i like it)

my nephew

new music

good conversation

creating or finishing a new artistic piece

giving gifts to other people, for their birthdays, or for just no reason at all.

stuffed toys (at almost 28 i have a rather shameful collection including an elephant who blogs)

seeing people smile who haven’t done so in a while.

sending random cards or notes to friends just for a laugh.

autumn leaves

fresh flowers – especially the smell

incense – especially the clove kind

cigarettes (i know.. they are bad.. but they are a guilty life destroying pleasure)

smiling because you know deep down in your heart the world is a wonderful messy place and you are learning to embrace the mess

so take up the challenge.. create your own!


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