we will not go quitely – why i’m a part of this project.

a few people have asked me about why i am doing a zine of this type. Something that no one really wants to hear about, but is affecting the lives of millions of women every day. 1 in 3 women globally will experience some form of violence in their life time.  Many of the sexual crimes women experience are never reported to the police, and of those that are reported, conviction rates are extremely low. Many are perpetrated not in the mythological back alleys or deserted streets – although some are – but in the homes, workplaces and places of social gatherings. Many perpetrators are not strangers but people women know, husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles bossess and boyfriends and at any age or stage of a woman’s life. when we tell our stories they are often met with disbelief, shock, or dismissed as “not that bad”. It takes only one eperience of a negative reaction to keep a person silent for years and some never discuss their experience again. Many victim/survivors are often reacted to negatively in the media if they have so called “high profile” cases – particularly those involving racial minorities (such as the western sydney victim of gang rape by middle eastern men) or sporting identities. The Victorian Police has struck a deal with the AFL to allow the AFL to investigate its own claims of player misconduct (particularly if it’s of a sexual nature) and decide if any further action needs to be taken.  LGBTI people are significantly more likely to suffer sexual violence based on their identity and sexual orientation, Aboriginal women because of their race, Women in situations of war,  and the list could go on.

But now it’s our turn… i took up the challenge with fellow blogger and victim survivor Kate Ravenscroft (16impacts.wordpress.com)  to see if we could give victim survivors a chance to speak up for them selves. To, as Noam Chomsky says “speak truth to power”  I am doing this because I honestly believe that for too long people have been muffled by the voices of the establishment. By those that have a vested interest in keeping us quiet. I honestly believe that If i had been given the chance to write my experience down years ago, I would have been in a significantly different position to what I am in now.  I am doing this because it’s our right to be heard, and heard loudly.   Every victim survivor has a story to tell and very few of them get to do it on their terms.

not one more.  speak, even if your voice hurts.


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