writers I admire part 3 – bronwyn lovell

bronwyn is a dear friend and someone who i admire the hell out of. I can’t remember where and when I first met her but her poems are magical, image filled writing that I adore. She has a smile that lights up the room and a stage presence that does even more so.  Her poems have been an absolute revelation to those around her in Melbourne and everywhere she goes.

Bronywn was the first australian woman to represent at the 2011 words of women poetry slam in Ohio. She also had a founding role in the Melbourne Centre for Poetics and Justice and is an Australian Poetry Centre Cafe Poet. She has two publications “Ballooning and other Mishaps” and “Journeys” both can be found in Melbourne’s sticky institute (zining heaven, get there, like, now) or from the author herself.  They are worth the read.

 The Australian Poetry Centre reviewed a feature of Bronywn’s at a local melbourne reading and likened it to the first time he had watched the movie “Amelie” and I am in total agreeance. There is an unexplainable aura about this woman, the way she writes, performs and lives.

if you’re interested in her work and aren’t in Melbourne checkout her website www.bronwynlovell.com

if you are in Melbourne Bron’s next performance is at Kinfolk Cafe on the 23rd of July 5-6pm.

here’s a tiny little bit of the magic of Bronwyn

Victory Street

In the absence of ocean
she runs deep baths
and pours water into cups.
Watching the tea leaves swirl,
she wills the current to wash away her grief.

She shuts the bathroom door 
behind her so the steam 
can envelop her body
and mist the mirror,
blurring her image
till she is no longer 
sad or alone.

“I’m in here, Nanna!” she calls.

She pretends her grandmother
still lives in this house.
Always in another room,
watching the telly,
boiling the kettle,
watering the garden,
just out of sight.


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