my biggest wish.

the world is full of judgement. No matter where you look, someone is telling you you’re not good enough, you don’t earn enough, you don’t look right, think right,  love who you *should* love  buy the right products.  Your opinions aren’t valid unless they are the opinions of the “mainstream” – parrotted versions of what we hear on television, read in the papers, failing to take into account the agendas of these institutions.  Parrotted versions of what we’ve learned as children, what we’ve grown up to believe to be true, as if to dare to deviate from these assimilated ideas is a sin punishable by death.

the world is also full of people living with judgement. The homeless, the Gay and Lesbians, the transgendered, the drug addicted, the mentally ill, those who’ve sufffered abuse or domestic violence, the disabled. Always, we as a society are quick to come up with reasons why these people are in some way at fault for their own conditions. We never see beyond what’s immediately in front of our eyes, to what might lurk behind the guy asking you for change, the girl holding her girlfriend’s hand. The man who was born a woman. Tell me you’ve never stood in judgement of someone even without voicing it and i’ll tell you you’re a fucking liar. We’ve all done it, even if we aren’t aware of it.

my biggest wish is that we stop and think, reconsider that time we stared at the girl holding her girlfriend’s hand and rather than stare, be glad she found someone who loves her.  That we look beyond what our eyes and ears tell us and seek a more compassionate place within us.  If we took time out to find out a bit more about the person we think we see, we’d often find there is  something far more beautiful than we could imagine.  I write this knowing the police will arrest a drug addict or a street worker down the end of my street tonight.  I write this having lived amongst people who are far less priviledged than I am and yet finding more talent intelligence and insight amongst them than the highly educated people I once called friends.  It is so much easier to write people off than to stop, think, look, consider their worth.  We’re all worthy, some of us just haven’t had the luxury of knowing it or being told it. 

my biggest wish is that one day we all  find the flowers growing in our hearts and the hearts of others, and instead of ripping them out at the roots, let them grow and share them.  we’ll find then that life is an amazing garden and we’re all its gardeners.  And that sometimes the people with the dirtiest, most outstretched hands are often the ones offering you the most beautiful flowers.



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