to the tamil refugee who comitted suicide in detention.

the views that lead to your death are not mine.

the things that kept you behind bars are not representative of me or any of the people i know.

I hope you have found the freedom you so richly deserve.

I do not know what rituals your culture carries out but I hope you are afforded a respectable and dignified burial.

your life, even though we’ve never met, has provided me with fire, and courage, and the will to keep fighting.

I hope that while i still breathe we see an end to the inhumane and indignified practices that kept you behind bars, despite committing no crime.

Australians are at heart compassionate people, and there are those among us who are absolutely horrified that you and others have found the need to take this step.

your culture is amongst the oldest and most beautiful i have come across. your stories are generations old and yet your language is almost wiped out through decades of genocide.

please be free.. please go to your final resting place knowing that you were cared for, loved and your death has not gone unnoticed.

I am deeply apologetic and pledge the rest of my life to make sure this is not allowed to continue.


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