Day 3 – Featured Post – An Open Letter to Jackie O

i found this on the amazing  For those of you not know  Australian radio networks are currently coming under fire for the recent  comments of Kyle Sandilands on Sydney’s 2day FM station.  He stated he would “hunt down” a “fat slag”  female journalist who didn’t like his new show. This comes not two years after Sandilands was censured for  quizzing a 14 year old sexual assault victim about her sexual history as part of an on air stunt.  At this stage, Kyle  is still employed by the network, although the network is coming under considerable pressure from advertisers who have pulled their sponsorship whilst he is still on air.

  This letter is to Kyle’s co host, Jackie – who has failled dismally to speak out when given the opportunity  and has in fact enabled the vile misogyny to continue.. She has completely enabled this man. It also comes as a timely reminder that we must consider threats of violence as actual violence, regardless of whether the threat is “followed through”   believing someone will do you harm, or slandering your reputation, appearance or profession is just as harmful to the psyche as physical or sexual abuse.   Thankyou to Louisa for this great post and allowing me to feature it.  Again – head on over to and give the woman a peruse for your pleasure!

Dear Jackie O,

I’ve been watching the discussion taking place on twitter today about the latest outburst of obscene behaviour from your co-host Kyle Sandilands; you know, how he called someone a “fat slag” and threatened to “hunt her down” because she didn’t like some TV show of yours the other night.

I admit I’ve never been a listener of your show, though I do remember you from back when your co-host was your ex husband, the equally vile “Ugly Phil”. The few moments of it I’ve caught have been enough to leave me disgusted, but clearly you’ve had good ratings and have been on air for some time now.

I could never understand why you wanted to work with such jerks, nor how your show stayed on air after your interviewed a 14 year old girl about her sexual experiences. It was bad enough you sat by and let that happen, but that you did nothing when you were told that she had been raped and Kyle proceeded to ask “so that’s the only experience you’ve had?” was truly disgusting. I do wonder if you have a new appreciation for just how terrible that was now that you’re a mother…

It leaves me very disappointed with humanity that so many people have kept tuning in and making your show viable.

But I get it. If you get ratings, then you get to stay on air.

What I haven’t been able to get is why you are still on air with Kyle. You’re very pretty and blonde and happy – we can all see that you don’t look like a nasty person. I’ve often wanted to ask you, to say in solidarity “hey love, do you really think this is a great idea? Don’t you realise that when you stay silent you condone his behaviour, don’t you realise you get tainted with the same brush?” But now I realise, you do know – you know exactly and you don’t care.

Of course we all see that when he says something shocking you do a little giggle and “try” to interject or lighten the mood but it’s pathetic, and your ongoing partnership with Kyle tells me is that you don’t give a shit about anyone or anything but yourself. It tells me that you’ll stick by Kyle and the network, because they are offering you what I can only imagine are the big bucks. I no longer wonder, like I have in the past, why you stick around because after listening to you laughing while Kyle called someone a “fat bitch” I know why.

What I don’t know is why noone else ever says this; why none of the mainstream media ever comment on your complicity in these events. I suspect it’s got to do with the aforementioned “pretty blonde” thing but I’m fed up.

I am not writing this because you’re a woman and you should show some solidarity, nor because you’re using the pretty blonde thing to scoot under the radar on these issues. I am writing this because as the co-host of the show you are the only other person with a voice and you’ve failed to use it.  Of course, Kyle is 100% responsible for his actions and comments but so are you. Your failure to speak up makes you equally guilty.

It’s not too late Jackie – it almost is, but you’ve probably got a chance left.

How are you going to use it?


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