Day 14 – what a world without sexual assault would look like

With only a couple of days left in this challenge my thoughts have turned now to how we can create a better environment for women and girls to live in. My thinking is that if we have a picture of the world we want to create in mind, we can do it.  The world i want is one where:

No one would have to fear their own spaces, at home, abroad, at work, socializing, or study.

Consent would go beyond a simple yes, to a true understanding of desire, pleasure and enjoyment of sex. It would mean communication about desire, enjoyment and pleasure was always possible and done.

Women and girls would not have to fear being disbelieved, they would be taken seriously and their concerns heard and validated.  They would be active agents for change and creation of the world they want to live in.  Their perspectives would inform every area of systems that affect them.

Women’s refuges would be places that were staffed, funded and prioritized.  They are not dispensible, or able to be abandoned if not politically expedient.

Men and women co-exist as allies, and men take an active role in challenging sexist and violent behaviour in their peers. Also, this would mean that sexual assault would no longer be seen as a marker of a man’s “success” or worth as a man. Examples of masculinity based on respect, compassion and equality were held up as the norm.

A world in which young women are not sexualized, nor is sexuality the totality of who they are.  They are encouraged to discover and explore sexuality at their own pace and in a way that is healthy to them. They are supported in this by the culture that surrounds them.  They see images that look like them, and are not bombarded with unrealistic perceptions or co-erced into behaving a certain way.

I want a world in which any type of woman, whether she be trans, cis or any female expression, can live in her community and not face rape.

so… now it’s your turn.. what would a world without sexual assault look like to you?  email me at matthewthepoet28at gmail dot com   and i’ll put the best answers up.. 🙂


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