they also refused to house a girl and i BECAUSE WE WERE A COUPLE.. they are fucking bastards who’s ideology and basic lack or adherence to human rights principles is just sickening



I volunteered at the Salvation Army center around here a couple years ago, helping families pick out toys. It was really fun and I thought I was doing a good thing until two men came in. They were in poor shape, they wore a lot of layers and their jackets and pants had dirt and dust on them. I think they had been sleeping outside. They were coming in to get food from the kitchen, and one of the staff members took them to another room that wasn’t the kitchen. After a while, they were both escorted out of the building. I learned later that day they were kicked out because the staff speculated they were a gay couple and didn’t want to cater to those kind of people.

I can’t even look at the bellringers without being ashamed of them. They help a lot of people, but I don’t want to contribute to a group that still considers homosexuality to be condemnatory.  

In my area about 20 years ago, a woman left her husband to be with another woman and the Salvation Army here paid for his court costs and lawyer to fight for full custody, which he won. The kids were brainwashed by them and the father and the mother didn’t see her children for years. 


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