upcoming events and a very small (big) request!

It is absolutely fucking beautiful outside. I am stuck inside typing out overdue notices to all the bastards that don’t return their books on time. Note to patrons of libraries: Those overdue notices you get, they are not computer generated, some schmuck types them. so for their sake. RETURN YOUR FUCKING BOOKS.  That rant over, hi and happy new year.  For those of you playing at home I now have a mailing list. To subscribe please send an email to matthewthepoet28 at gmail dot com and you shall be updated with gigs, book signings etc untill I get mailchimp working again. (you think you have things under control. but. no.)  

Also, I have written a new show.  I recently undertook a challenge to write 28 new poems by my 28th Birthday. And i did.  On Christmas morning I woke at around 430 am with not a great deal to do. Took my dog to the beach, ate breakfast, drank coffee and sat down at my computer. 24 hrs and a few bathroom breaks later I had distilled my new material down into a solo show entitled “Life In 24 Words”  Whereby i took the words and ideas that have had the most influence over me and wrote (or chose from the 28 i had written) a new poem about each of them.  My previous show was more just a collection and assemblance of work, with no real concept, this was my first effort at taking a narrative approach to performance poetry and making it follow a concept. I’ve got to say. I am a bit pleased with the outcome. It still needs work, and between everything else i will develop the living shit out of it, however I would absolutely love to perform this for you. SO TO THE REQUEST PART OF THE BLOG!

My shows are intimate.  They are communicative, they are casual, they are conversational.  (I think, lest i sound like a wanker)  So, I have toyed with the idea of performing this show in the living room of someone brave enough to offer it. If you know of anyone who would be brave enough, or know of a similar intimate low cost space, also hit me up at matthewthepoet28 at gmail dot com  The first run of house shows would most likely be in the late part of april and into early may but this can be negotiated depending on the available space and all details can be worked out via email.   

I would also encourage anyone who’s a budding or otherwise poet and who has not checked these fine folk out to register for the centre for poetics and justice  workshops in January and February.  You will learn so very much and i defy anyone not to walk away completely inspired. check out www.cpj.org.au  for all the finer details and to register.

UPCOMING DATES.  I am a busy bee in the early part of the year before i knuckle down and spend 3 months focussing on my PHD and generally taking a break from the performance scene

January 15: Sweet talkers – Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood. 8pm. $10 (check out “Sweet talkers” on facebook for more info)

January 21 – Butterflies and Bulletproof Vests Melbourne Launch – unfortunately due to a scheduling fuck up the reading i was planning on doing on this day will not happen. However, you will be able to purchase the book from collected works and other stores and me! from this day forward.

28+ 29 – Centre for Poetics and Justice workshops and showcase

February (TBA)  We will not go quietly – zine launch.  This is a zine for sexual assault survivors that Kate Ravenscroft and I have been working on.  The finer launch details will be posted as they are worked out. 

4+5th Centre for Poetics and Justice Workshops and Showcase

March: 3rd: Life in 24 Words – Preview – Adelaide Fringe. (venue TBA)

17th: SPOKE – Spoken word Festival – Adelaide Fringe.  Adelaide Centre for the Arts. 

many blessings and things of wonder for your new year.  Thankyou all for your continued support.


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