Dispatch From Adelaide – House Gig Info Included

It is very strange being back in a city that for 11 months of the year is quiet and conservative. That said, i do miss it. I miss it alot. I miss the people i left behind and the people that i still love. I am incredibly happy to be back.

SO IN HONOUR OF MY TEMPORARY RETURN!! i am doing a house gig which is a preview of my new show – Life in 24 words. It is the most salient concepts of my life and a poem written about each one of them. It follows a more cabaret style approach with a following storyline and theme. It’s the first time i’ve put my poems in a time line and having only being written in December it’s very very new, some of the work having never been performed before.

BECAUSE i didn’t get it written in time for the official Fringe Program I am throwing a house gig courtesy of the wonderful Alison Coppe and her ever so understanding housemates. If you want to see the show, which is this Friday at 730. do the following.

RSVP to the facebook event. found here. http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/108664249257185/

Email melis123@gmail.com to be on the guest list and to get the address. RSVP before thursday the 1st of March. it will be strictly guest list only to preserve the sanity of the people who live here.

Bring $10 or a small donation for a fundraiser for We will not go quietly. a zine i’ve been co-editing for the last 12 months (wewillnotgoquietly.wordpress.com)

see you there!


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