My letter for Ranjini

Ranjini is a mother of two who has been declared a security threat by ASIO. As a result, she has been separated from her husband and locked up in the Villawood detention centre with her children. Current law says that she has no right to be told why she is considered a threat, making it nearly impossible for her lawyers to mount a defence. Ranjini faces indefinite detention at the hands of the Australian government.

The extended form of my letter to Ranjini is below, on the site i had to deal with the limitations of an internet form. This practice is simply unacceptable and must end. To send your letter of support to Ranjini, go to and click “send a letter” then watch twitter @Ranjiniletters as for when it goes live.

Dear Ranjini
I heard of your plight after a candlelight vigil and would like to write to you to let you know that you have a great deal of support in the Australian Community. Many of us believe that it is a disgrace to deny refugees, having already suffered so much oppression in their homeland, the right to a peaceful and safe existence.

I am not a refugee, I’ve never seen war or known what it’s like to loose family or friends but I do know that we have a duty to take care of each other particularly those who cannot speak up for themselves. My grandparents were refugees and benefited enormously from living in Australia.. it is unfair that for whatever reason, those same rights have not been extended to you or your family. You have my complete support, and I hope that the next time i hear of you you are free and these horrible practices have come to an end.

Please continue to, wherever possible, share your beautiful artwork with us. You have a gift and I hope you are given the ability to foster that gift.

with love, Friendship and support

Matthew James.


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